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Andy Parton

   Andy is the head coach at Miramar Judo Club. He brings more than 40 years of judo experience - firstly as a successful competitor and for the last 11 years as a professional coach. He started Miramar Judo Club in 2013, when he wanted to start a club with no ego, just Judo. He has coached world champions and people who will never compete. He coaches Judo professionally, but Miramar is his "passion project". The club is where his heart lies. As Miramar is a not-for-profit club Andy receives no payment for his coaching.


Barry Tickell

Barry is an engaging 2nd Dan and Level 2 coach, who brings his experience and enthusiasm as a primary school teacher into the dojo.  

Having spent the majority of his teens dedicated to judo, he switched to ice-hockey at university, before taking a hiatus from competitive sport. Impressed by Andy’s technical knowledge and coaching of his own children, Barry re-joined the judo family later in life, joining Miramar 6 years ago for the family sessions and the intensity of the senior sessions. He rekindled his love of judo and dedicated much of his spare time to the club, achieving his 1st and 2nd Dan, coaching awards and encouraging and supporting players on their judo journey.  

His motto is, “Be brave enough to succeed.”

As Miramar is a not-for-profit club Barry receives no payment for his coaching.

Matt Burley

Matt joined Miramar in 2019 following his son Thomas on to the mats. Soon after his daughter Olivia and nephew Theo also joined the Miramar family. He was immediately hooked on Judo and barely misses a session. A self-confessed Judo geek, he devotes a lot of his time off the mats to study of the sport. Although he’s only been involved in competitive Judo for a few years he has 30 years’ experience of completive sport at regional and national level and brings that into his coaching. Matt’s ambition is to support the growth and development of the club, its players and Judo across the community. He has a passion for self-improvement and will always encourage people to be the best versions of themselves.

 As Miramar is a not-for-profit club Matt receives no payment for his coaching.

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